Year: 2007

Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Inc.

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Spider-Man Pinball Machine *

Spider-Man Pinball takes the Sony Movie Franchise of Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 & Spider-Man 3 Movies and puts them all into one fast-paced pinball machine that will excite both operators and homeowners. Designed by the famous pinball design team of Steve Ritchie & Lyman Sheats, SPIDER-MAN does not disappoint.

In the SPIDER-MAN pinball machine, you are Spider-Man. Your goal is to defeat the villains from all three movies:
Green Goblin from Spider-Man, Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2, and Sandman and Venom from Spider-Man 3. There are detailed, vibrant toys of each of the four villains on the playfield with an associated shot. Defeat all four villains twice and experience Battle Royale Multi-ball. Defeat all Villains 3 times and complete all modes to achieve the wizard mode “Super Hero”. This game is easy to understand but challenging to players of all skill levels.

We acquired from a collector that has taken great care of this game and traded it in for a new title. This pinball has spent most of its life in a private collection and looks stunning with a few tasteful modifactions/upgrades it listed below. The cabinet on this game is in excellent condition minus a few small blemishes we have touched up to the best of our ability.

Here is a list of the many modifications upgraded on this machine (estimated value over $1000 in mods):
– Extended “lollipop” side rails
– Interior Cabinet Artblades
– Shaker Motor Installed
– Flipper Fidelity Upgraded Speaker System
– Color LCD Score Display
– Custom Standup Target Decals throughout the playfield
– All playfield illumination has been upgraded to premium non-ghosting LED’s.
– Outlane and shooter lane protector set installed

Spider-Man looks and plays great! Spider-Man is one of the best games ever to come out from Stern Pinball, but don’t take our word for it, come play it and see for yourself!

This game includes a 30 day parts/labor warranty on the electronics & mechanical components.

– Anti-Reflective Playfield Glass – $240
High Definition anti-reflection pinball glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection. Along with its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays. Fits all standard width Pinball games.

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