Year: 1999

Manufacturer: Sega Pinball, Inc.

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South Park Pinball Machine *

Based on the popular Comedy Central cartoon series, this game will make a fun addition to any game room. All of the characters are there: Cartman, Kenny, Mr. Hankey, Mr. Mackey, Chef, Stan, Terrence & Phillips. Loaded with sound clips and audio from the show, South Park pinball is a riot!

This South Park Pinball Machine has just went through our complete restoration and the end result looks stunning. Simply one of the best looking South Park Pinball’s we’ve seen in quite a while.

– Cabinet was sanded smooth and blemishes filled.
– Brand new cabinet artwork installed
– Playfield torn down and all components removed and cleaned
– New rubber rings installed
– All of the illumination on this game has been upgraded with premium non-ghosting LEDS.
– All under playfield lamp inserts cleaned
– All under playfield assemblies cleaned and checked/adjust and or repaired for proper operation.
– Score display upgraded to Color LED Display!
– Artblades installed on interior cabinet

Included with this game is the often missing Cartman and Warning Label Topper


This pre-owned South Park Pinball Machine includes our 30 day warranty on the electronic and mechanical components.

We haven’t had one of these come through our store in several years. This is an excellent condition example of the SOUTH PARK Pinball Machine.

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