Year: 1986

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Pin*Bot Pinball Machine *


Who can forget this classic Williams pinball machine from the 80’s.

The object of Pin-Bot is to hit the various colored targets at the top of the playfield to fill in the grid and open the visor to reveal Pinbot’s eyes. Lock two balls for multi-ball play as well as Advance the planets of the Solar System in an effort to reach the SUN. Fun to play and super challenging. Pin-Bot features great and challenging shots, multi-ball, pop bumpers, a ramp and a lowering target bank not to mention some of the coolest sound effects and audio of a classic pinball machine.

Pin-Bot is in nice shape for it’s age. We have performed some touchups on the exterior of the cabinet as well as repainted the coindoor. The exterior legs and side rails have been polished. The original playfield is in nice condition and protected for the most part by factory mylar, there are some wear areas in some of the non-mylared area’s but it doesn’t effect game play in anyway. We have installed a brand new Vortex Ramp, New Visor and New Pin-Bot eyes plastic that is located under the Visor. Please note there is one chipped decorative playfield plastic to the right of the left ramp entrance, this is typical with most Pin-Bot Pinball Machines.

We have thoroughly shopped out the playfield. By this we mean all plastics, posts and ramp assemblies have been removed and cleaned. The entire playing surface has been cleaned and polished and new rubber rings and balls have been installed. We have upgraded all of the games general illumination and feature bulbs to premium, non-ghosting LED’s. These LED’s look clean, last longer than traditional standard incandescent light bulbs and consume less energy which is helpful for this game that is over 35 years old now.

All functions of this game are working properly. We have just installed a brand new CPU board which no longer uses AA batteries to retain game settings and high scores, but instead NVRAM that will NEVER leak and never ruin the CPU board like AA batteries tend to do if they are not replaced often.

This pre-owned game includes our 30 day warranty on the mechanical and electronic components.

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