Year: 1993

Manufacturer: Data East

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Jurassic Park Pinball Machine *

Super entertaining play w/great sounds.

This is the original and highly sought after pinball machine.

The game features include a T REX on the playfield that actually picks up the pinball and eats it. Also features built in shaker motor (which makes the entire machine rumble) multiball, raptor pit, and a series of mini games that lead you to the system shutdown, and a final multiball.

This game was recently taken in trade by a local collector. Since taking into our possession we have done some minor touchups to the exterior cabinet with color matched paint. The cabinet is in overall great condition and the playfield shows no signs of wear. Plus this game includes the often missing, factory backbox topper.

We removed all components from the top side of the playfield. We then cleaned and polished the playing surface, all ramps and plastics. Brand new clear star posts installed throughout the playfield as well as new balls and rubber rings. All illumination has been upgraded with high quality color matched LED’s that look great and have long lasting reliability over standard incandescent bulbs. The playfield is in excellent condition.

We have upgraded the lighting on this game by replacing all # 555 and all # 47 incandescent bulbs with color matched LEDs. The resulting look is great plus the game reliability is enhanced.

This game has the following tasteful mods added to the playfield:
– Goat /w chain around his neck
– Jurassic Park Jeep
– Palm tree’s added throughout the playfield
– Dinosaur skulls added above ramps
– Interior Side wall art blade decals installed

Jurassic Park has been fully checked out by our technician team and works 100% and is ready for it’s new owner. Jurassic Park needs nothing but a corner in your home gameroom where it will be the focal point of entertainment at your next gathering with friends or family.


We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return for free replacement or repair.

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