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Year: 2002

Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Inc.

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Harley Davidson (2nd Edition) Pinball Machine

$6495On Sale $1000 off – $5495!

The greatest name in motorcycles is once again a great pinball machine for the ages. The Harley-Davidson 2nd Edition Pinball Machine is an instant collector’s item for anyone who lives to ride.

Game Features:

Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (4), Slingshots (2), 4-bank drop targets (2), Standup targets (4), Spinning target (1), Ramp (1), Cellar hole (1), Shaker motor, Up-post between flippers. The up-post is controlled by both the machine and the player. In addition, the 2nd Edition features beautiful chrome trim accenting the exterior of the cabinet.

Playfield features a traffic light and three Harley motorcycles, one of which does a wheelie on the playfield when it raises to kick out balls from underneath.

This pre-owned game is in nice shape for its age. Exterior cabinet has had a few minor touchups done as needed. There is an area of wear on the playfields protective mylar decal  from the scoop kickout that has worn through the clear mylar, it hasn’t worn the artwork on the playfield, only the clear adhesive protective mylar decal. This does not affect game play in anyway, but should be noted to potential buyers.

Since we took ownership we have thoroughly shopped out this Harley Davidson Pinball Machine. Meaning that we removed all components from the top side of the playfield and have thoroughly cleaned and polished the playing surface and all ramps and decorative playfield plastics. All new rubber rings were installed throughout the playfield and all playfield lamps have been upgraded to premium color matching, non-ghosting LED lights. These LED’s not only gives the game a great look, these LED’s will last much longer and they consume far less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs, thus putting less strain on the electronics of the pinball machine.

– This pre-owned pinball machine includes our 30 day parts & labor warranty.

Optional Upgrades:
– Anti-Reflective Playfield Glass – $240
High Definition anti-reflection pinball glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection. Along with its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays. Fits all standard width Pinball games.

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