Year: 1988

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Cyclone Pinball Machine *

“Take a Ride on the Ferris Wheel”

This great Williams pinball celebrates America’s favorite thrill ride, the Roller Coaster. It has a fantastic layout and is a big hit with the collectors. It features Nancy and Ronald Reagan on the backglass. Complete various shots to ride the Ferris Wheel or enter the Haunted House. Cyclone is the second in the three game amusement park series created by Barry Oursler of Williams Pinball. First there was Comet which was released in 1986, Cyclone in 1988 and Hurricane came out in 1990.

The playfield on this Cyclone is protected for the most part by factory mylar which is helped preserve the great condition of the playfield for many years. As typical with most all Cyclone Pinball Machines, this game does have the broken plastic to the right of the Ferris Wheel and does have some insert wear over the A-B-C inserts at the top of the playfield and at the ramp drops (see pic). This is very typical of most any Cyclone Pinball Machine you will find, but should be noted to the perspective buyer. Brand new slingshot and Haunted House plastics, and flipper bats installed. Cyclone has been fully shopped out, meaning we have removed all components from the top side of the playing surface. All ramps, plastics, posts and the playfield have been cleaned and polished. Fresh rubber rings installed throughout the playfield, new ball and all #44 & #555 lamps have been upgraded to premium color matched non-ghosting LED’s. The results look stunning and being that these consume less energy they will last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. All under playfield assemblies and lamp inserts have been cleaned and checked for proper operation.

All aspects of this game have been gone through for proper operation. Cyclone needs nothing besides a corner in your home where it will be the focal point of your game room.

As with all of our pre-owned electronic games. Cyclone includes our 30 day warranty on the electronics.

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