Year: 1947

Manufacturer: Wurlitzer

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Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox *

Here it is, the most iconic jukebox of all time, the classic Wurlitzer 1015 “Bubbler” Jukebox from 1947. This is the real thing…..not a reproduction. This classic Wurlitzer Model 1015 Jukebox, aka “Bubbler” Jukebox was introduced in 1947. This fantastic example of this jukebox comes to us from a collector. This unit is all original and has been well maintained for many years.

The Wurlitzer 1015 is a 24 Selection Jukebox that plays 78 rpm records and includes a full set of records. Unlike so many jukeboxes of this era, it includes ALL of the often missing coin gear, including the grinder. Insert nickels, dimes and quarters to register credits to make selections. Once coins are inserted and credits are given, simply press your selection and watch the jukebox pick the record up and move it to the turntable and play.

This jukebox works great and needs absolutely nothing except a corner in your home gameroom or man cave, where it will become the focal point of the room and a great conversation pieces.