Year: 1989

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Whirlwind Pinball Machine *


Here it is, one of the most memorable, classic pinball machines of the late 80’s Whirlwind, by Williams Electronics. Whirlwind designed by Pat Lawlor, who’s other memorable titles include:  The Addams Family, FunHouse, Twilight Zone; brings you this exciting storm chasing themed pinball machine complete with a fan on the top that blows on you when the storm is coming!

In addition to the fan, Whirlwind features 6 pop bumpers, ramps, multi-ball, drop targets, spinner shot and three spinning discs on the playfield that make the ball(s) go crazy. This is also one of the first pinball machines that features stack-able modes of game play, leading to the Wizard Mode. Can you game get all of the panels lit under the score display in one, 3 ball game? “Bye-Cracky!”

Since taking into our store we have completely gone through this machine from top to bottom. The playfield on this game is protected for the most part by factory mylar, with very little playfield, insert wear elsewhere. It looks fantastic and the mylar has preserved and protected the playfield from years of play.

Here is details of the extensive work we have done to this machine.
– Minor touchups done to exterior of cabinet
– Repainted Topper Housing with new decals installed
– Legs buffed and polished, new leg bolts and leg levelers installed
– Playfield assemblies, ramps, plastics and posts all removed and cleaned.
– Entire playing surface cleaned and polished and new rubber rings and balls installed
– All under playfield assemblies and lamp inserts cleaned
– All general illumination and feature bulbs (#555 and #44 bulbs) upgraded to high quality non-ghosting premium LED’s.
– New skill shot and slingshot plastics
– New “W” Williams logo yellow flipper bats installed
– Custom Instruction and pricing cards
– New Spinning Disc decals applied
– Coin door repainted

Electronics and mechanical assemblies went through and repaired, adjusted as needed by our technician team. Whirlwind needs nothing except a corner in your home gameroom where it will become the focal point of entertaining guests and family members.

This pre-owned Whirlwind Pinball Machine includes our 30 day warranty on the electronics.

Whirlwind is a hot title amongst pinball enthusiasts due to its exciting, challenging ruleset with great replay appeal….”I gotta play it one more time …kinda fun”.  Hurry as we don’t expect this to last very long in our inventory!