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Challenger 7′ Pool Table (Black) w/Bill Acceptor & Coin Chute *


  • Push coin chute models switch from “coin operation” to “coin free operation” with the turn of a key. Great for tournaments, promotions, or renting the table by the hour.
  • Includes optional “The Matrix” Bill Acceptor w/retractable recharging power cord.
  • High quality plywood construction with a burn and scratch resistant high pressure laminate finish.
  • Die-cast metal corners are polished, buffed and triple plated for brilliance and durability.
  • Molded one-piece pocket liner will not mar balls, and eliminates balls jumping out of the pocket. More expensive than the old style two-piece liner and gully system, but worth it.
  • Reliable magnetic cue ball separator has no moving parts; separates both magnetic and oversized cue balls. Simple, flawless operation.
  • Adjustable coin chute.
  • Slotted ball runs prevent chalk and debris problems. All internal wear points are constructed of either metal or plastic for longer life.
  • The magnetic cue ball is the same size and weight as the object balls, allowing for better English.
  • Solid hardwood Poplar rails featuring professional full profile K-66 cushions. Constructed with a vulcanized control fabric and an impact groove, the cushions provide ball response that is consistently true.
  • Heavy gauge steel crossbeam slate supports.
  • Adjustable commercial grade leg levelers constructed of solid aluminum.
  • Modular coin box housing eliminates expensive repairs. The coin chute door and housing are constructed of heavy gauge metal, then powder coated for superior durability. As an added deterrence to thieves, the internal cash box housing is also constructed of sheet metal.
  • Cue ball locks-in table at the end of the game.
  • Center ramp clean-out door that is hinged, not attached with wing nuts. Simply flip down the door, remove the jam, and flip the door back. No more searching for dropped wing nuts at the bottom of the table!
  • Diamond honed slate machined computer-controlled equipment to +/- 10/1,000ths of an inch for optimum flatness and stability.
  • Heavy-duty ball flap with three cross members, not two like other manufacturers. This added rigidity eliminates twisting and assures all the balls are vended at once.
  • Wide Plexiglas view window allows players to see the balls, but in the event of vandalism, is not wide enough to remove them.
  • Rubber padded ball trap reduces ball noise and minimizes wear to balls and table.

* Your color choice of Championship Invitational Felt

* Basic Play Kit
– Plastic 15 ball rack and 9 ball rack
– Two, two-piece 57” cues
– Two-piece bridge cue with aluminum bridge head
– Table brush, 7’ clear pool table cover, 12 pieces of chalk, chalk holder
– Deluxe pool ball set w/magnetic cue ball.

Delivery and Setup within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex $150

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