Manufacturer: Fun Company

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Ultimate Multigame Arcade Game *

This game has it all!

Do you like the Street Fighter series of games, Mortal Kombat 1-4, King of Fighters, Killer Instinct, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Neo-Geo games and classic arcade games such as Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Ghost n’ Goblins and Defender? If so, than this is the game for you! Ultimate Multigame has it all!!!

This full size commercial multi arcade game features over 2900 of the all time greatest classic arcade games built into one brand new arcade game cabinet featuring a 32″ LCD monitor.

To see the full list of games loaded on this machine, look here.

Ultimate Multigame Cabinet Dimensions w/32″ Monitor Cabinet

Depth: 36″
Width: 34″
Height: 63″
Weight: 190 lbs.

Please note, this games coin functions are disabled and this game can only be operated on FREE PLAY.

This Multigame Arcade Game includes our 30 day labor warranty plus 6 months parts warranty.