Price: $1995

Manufacturer: Chicago Gaming Company

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Ultimate Arcade 2 Arcade Game

The Ultimate Arcade 2 Multi-Arcade Game by Chicago Gaming is the earlier predecessor to their Arcade Legends series of arcade games. The fully licensed multi-arcade game features 100 classic arcade games from the 80’s & 90’s including Battlezone, Ghost n’ Goblins, Centipede, Defender, Asteroids, Street Fighter II: Championship Edition, Tempest, Asteroids, Commando, Missile Command and many other classic arcade game that are not available on any other multi-game system.

Ultimate Arcade 2 is in great shape, but does have one ding on the back right corner of the cabinet as shown in one of the pictures. With this game up against the wall, no one would notice it, but we felt it should be disclosed to any interested buyer.

– Commercial Quality Cabinet
– Beautiful picture on the games 24″ CRT Tube Monitor
– Tempered safety glass protects the monitor
– Illuminated Marquee
– Arcade quality controls for 2 players

Game List:
1942™ (1984, Capcom)
1943™(1987, Capcom)
10-Yard Fight™ (1983, Irem)
Alpine Ski ™ (1982, Taito)
Anteater™ (1982,  Stern)
Arkanoid® (1986, Taito)
Arkanoid 2® (1988, Taito)
Asteroids® (1979, Atari)
Asteroids Deluxe® (1980,  Atari)
Armored Car™ (1981, Stern)
Battlezone® (1980, Atari)
Berzerk™(1980, Stern)
Black Tiger™ (1987, Capcom )
Black Widow™ (1982, Atari)
Bubble Bobble® (1986, Taito)
Burger Time® (1982, G-Mode)
Burnin’ Rubber® (1982, G-Mode)
Calipso™ (1982, Stern)
Captain Commando™ (1991, Capcom)
Centipede® (1980, Atari)
Chack ’n Pop ™ (1983, Taito)
Cheyenne™ (1984, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Clay Pigeon™ (1986,  Exidy / Kauffman)
Cobra Command™ (1984,  G-Mode)
Combat™ (1985,  Exidy/Kauffman)
Commando™ (1985, Capcom)
Crack Shot™ (1987, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Crime City™ (1989, Taito)
Crossbow™ (1983, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Crystal Castles® (1983, Atari)
Defender® (1980, Midway)
Elevator Action® (1983, Taito)
Fax™ (1983,  Exidy/ Kauffman)
Final Blow™ (1988, Taito)
Final Fight® (1989, Capcom)
Frenzy™(1982,  Stern)
Golden Tee Golf II® (1992, Incredible Technologies)
Ghosts’ N Goblins®(1985, Capcom)
Ghouls‘ N Ghosts™ (1988, Capcom)
Gravitar® (1982, Atari)
Great Swordsman™ (1984, Taito)
Hard Hat™ (1982, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Hit ‘N Miss™ (1982, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Joust® (1982, Midway)
Jungle Hunt ™ (1982, Taito)
Karate Champ® (1984, G-Mode)
Kung-Fu Master™ (1984, Irem)
Liberator™ (1982, Atari)
Liquid Kids™ (1990, Taito)
Lost Tomb™ (1983, Stern)
Lock ’N Chase® (1981, G-Mode)
Lunar Lander® (1979, Atari )
Lunar Rescue™ (1979, Taito)
Magic Sword™ (1990, Capcom)
Mega Man® (1995, Capcom)
Mega Twins™ (1990, Capcom)
Millipede ® (1982, Atari)
Minefield™ (1983, Stern)
Missile Command® (1980, Atari)
Moon Patrol™ (1982, Irem)
Moon War™ (1981, Stern)
Mouse Trap™ (1981, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Nastar™ (1988, Taito)
New Zealand Story™ (1988, Taito)
Pepper II™ (1982, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Plump Pop™ (1987, Taito)
Puzzle Bobble® (1994, Taito)
Qix® (1981, Taito)
Rainbow Islands ™ (1987, Taito)
Rainbow Islands Extra™ (1988, Taito)
Rastan® (1987, Taito)
Red Baron™ (1980, Atari)
Rescue™ (1982, Stern)
Return Of The Invaders™ (1985, Taito)
Robotron® (1982, Midway)
Section Z™(1985, Capcom)
Shootout™ (1985, G-Mode)
Showdown™ (1988, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Side Trak™ (1979, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Son Son™ (1984, Capcom)
Space Duel™ (1982, Atari)
Space Invaders® (1978, Taito)
Space Invaders DX® (1993, Taito)
Spectar™ (1980, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Speed Coin™ (1984, Stern)
Street Fighter II®(1991, Capcom)
Street Fighter II CE® (1992, Capcom)
Super Breakout® (1978,Atari)
Super Burger Time™ (1990, G-Mode)
Super Qix® (1987, Taito)
Targ™ (1980, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Tazz Mania™ (1982, Stern)
Tempest ™ (1980, Atari)
Tumble Pop® (1991, G-Mode)
Venture™ (1981, Exidy/ Kauffman)
Warlords® (1980, Atari)
Waterski™ (1983, Taito)
Who Dunit™ (1988, Exidy/ Kauffman)
World Class Bowling™( 1997, Incredible Technologies)
Zoo Keeper™ (1982, Taito)

Weight & Dimensions:
25.5″ W x 34.25″D x 71.25″H
300 lbs.

This commercially built arcade game is for FREE PLAY ONLY and does not have coin-op ability.

This pre-owned game includes our 30 day warranty on the electronics.