Year: 1965

Manufacturer: Chicago Coin

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Triumph Shuffle Alley (Puck Bowler) *

Great competitive fun for the whole family!

Who doesn’t like bowling? Triumph is an electro-mechanical Shuffle Bowler designed by one of the best companies in the business, Chicago Coin. These unique shuffle bowling games were very popular from the50’s to the late 80’s when bowling was in it’s hay day, but now are becoming very difficult to find as they have been out of production for almost 30 years! On a positive note, the internals of this machine are repairable because most parts are still readily available as most components are commonly used pinball parts.

Up to 6 players can play competitively together in any one of 5 different games 10 frame games.
REGULATION – Scoring the same as bowling.
RED PIN – 700 for Strike, if not a strike, player has the opportunity to pick up the spare for 500 points. “Blown Frame” scores total downed pins.
STEP UP – 1st Frame (100 Spare/200 Strike) 2nd Frame (200 Spare/400 Strike) 3rd Frame (300 Spare/600 Strike). 4th frame thru 10th frame, repeat.  “Blown Frame” scores total downed pins.
DUAL FLASH – Same thing as Flash but if player does not get a strike, the moving flash lights start again for the second shot of the frame. No carry-overs for strikes/spares.
FLASH-O-MATIC – Timing is everything in this game. Player scores Higher value of flashing lights for Strike. Spare scores Lower value of flashing lights. “Blown Frame” scores total downed pins.

We don’t come across shuffle bowlers very often and this is ready to be enjoyed in your home. This puck bowler’s backglass is in nice condition with only a slightly amount of flaking. The bowling lane is in outstanding condition with no visible wear. Exterior cabinet was repainted at one time, but still presents very well. Triumph has been cleaned and adjusted for proper operation by our electro-mechanical technician and works great.

Triumph includes a shuffle puck and 1 can of shuffle powder.

PLEASE NOTE: Triumph Shuffle Bowler has been overhauled by one of our electro-mechanical experts and it plays great! We encourage any prospective buyer to please visit our store and see and play this game in person. However often times, electro-mechanical machines need to be adjusted after transport due to their age and nature. With that being said, no warranty is offered with this machine.