Year: 1975

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Top Score Pinball Machine *

Top Score is a classic electro-mechanical Gottlieb pinball from the 1970’s. Top Score is the two player version to it’s 4-Player counter part “300”. The game rules are the same between both versions, however Top Score is only a two player machine.

The theme is bowling and the play is pure classic pinball. 

2 Flippers, 2 Pop bumpers, 2 Kick-out holes, 1 Roll under spinner and the right side of playfield has the “Tantalizing Pin Ball Lane”.

… plus this game has very cool backbox animation.
We were fortunate to acquire this game from a local home owner.

It plays great and has been shopped with the playfield cleaned and polished, all rubber changed and all bulbs replaced.