Year: 1994

Manufacturer: Data East

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The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard – Pinball Machine *

A fabulous machine from Data East, in our opinion the best they’ve made. Tommy is based on the hit broadway show featuring rock music by “The Who”.

Excellent sound package and numerous features that make this game a blast.

6 ball multiball, captive balls and a mirror target – which must be ‘smashed’ to enable multiball. In addition Tommy features player enabled “blinders”. Upon starting a game the player has the ability to play like Tommy and enable the “blinders” which impair the ability to see the flippers. In so many cases these blinders are often missing or non-working on Tommy Pinball Machines you will find. These work great on this game!

This game is in nice condition and was recently traded into us by a local home owner where it spent most of its life.

Upon taking into our possession we touched up some blemishes on the exterior cabinet to the best of our ability. We have fully shopped out the playfield. Meaning, that all components (ramps, plastics, posts, etc.) have been removed from the top side of the playfield and cleaned. The entire playing surface has been cleaned and polished and a fresh set of rubber rings and new pinballs installed. All of the games illumination has been upgraded with premium non-ghosting LED lights. These not only give the game a great look, but they last longer and put less strain on the games electronics. All under playfield lamp inserts and sub assemblies have been cleaned and tested for proper operation.

All aspects of this game have been repaired, and bulletproofed by our technical team and the often broken blinder assembly has been rebuilt with a brand new servo motor and it works like a champ now!

Coin door keys and backbox keys are included as well as the often missing Mirror Ball Topper.

We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return for free replacement or repair.

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