Year: 1988

Manufacturer: Data East

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Time Machine Pinball Machine *

Go back to the 1950’s in this super fun game by Data East Pinball.

You begin your trip back in time by starting off in the 1980’s. The objective is simple, Hit each of the three 70’s Stand up Targets and then make the ball lock Ramp shot to lock ball one for multiball. “Return to the 70’s”. The music of the machine changes to Disco music. Now your objective is to his the 60’s targets and then make the ramp shot again to lock ball 2. “Return to the 60’s.” Music then changes to 60’s music….Finally after locking ball 3 you go back to the 50’s. The music changes to 50’s music and the machine has an authentic Chime Unit in it like those found in older electro-mechanical games. So cool! Hit the Starwarp Jackpot Ramp for Big Points. Easy to understand ruleset….but hard to master. This game is great fun for the entire family.

This game is in great shape for it’s age. Playfield is protected by factory mylar and has preserved it well over the years. Backglass is in great shape and the cabinet looks amazing as well with only minimal touch-ups.

We have thoroughly torn down the playfield on this game and cleaned and polished the top and bottom of the playfield. All new rubber rings installed as well as we have upgraded all #44 & #555 bulbs to LED lighting. The results look amazing! LED lighting looks cleaner, they last longer and they put less strain on the electronics on the machine as they pull far less amperage than standard incandescent bulbs.

Our full time technician with many years of tech experience in fixing pinball machines has thoroughly went through this machine from top to bottom. Ensuring every switch, every bulb, every coil and assembly is working as it should for trouble free operation.

This pinball machine includes a 30 day warranty on the mechanical and electronic components.