Year: 1995

Manufacturer: Bally

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Theatre of Magic Pinball Machine

Amazing acts of enchantment! Theatre of Magic is one of Bally’s all time greatest pinball games. With its magic rotating trunk, disappearing trap door, and assorted ramps and magnets: this is truly a magically fun pinball machine!

A great game for experienced and novice pinball players alike. This Theatre of Magic Pinball Machine comes to us from a collector who was downsizing his collection. This well cared for machine is in great shape and anyone looking for a Theatre of Magic proud to own this game.

This game has been customized with the Spinning Saw Blade modification. The original design for this game was to have a spinning saw blade for the Tiger Saw. Due to  cost, the saw was made stationary and did not spin on all production games. However this game has been customized with a motor and real saw blade that spins during Tiger Saw Multi-ball.

Since we acquired this game we have thoroughly stripped down the playfield and fully cleaned and polished the playing surface and all under playfield lamp inserts. All plastics and ramps have been cleaned and new rubber rings and balls have been installed along with a new molded Trunk. We have also upgraded all the lighting on this game to color matched LED lighting. These LED’s look better, last longer and put less strain on the electronics of the machine as they consume less energy.

After the game has been detailed it is fully checked out and dialed in by our lead pinball technician where he verifies and repairs any lamps, switches, coils or assemblies that need attention in an effort to bring you a fully working and enjoyable pinball experience.

As with all of our pre-owned pinball machines. Theatre of Magic includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics.

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