Year: 1992

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The Twilight Zone Pinball Machine

Twilight Zone is a wide body superpin designed by Pat Lawlor and made by Bally.

It features a working gumball machine that is used to lock balls and capture the “power ball”. The power ball is a unique ball that is
made out of ceramic instead of steel. It weighs less than the regular balls and therefore can do some amazing tricks on
the playfield. Being ceramic it also is not affected by the magnets which makes for some terrific play.

Super entertaining play. Great sounds. We have restored this game into like-new condition with all new cabinet art expertly installed. Additionally we have installed a brand new coin door.

This game plays great. A trained technician has checked every function for proper operation and shopped the game by cleaning and 
polishing the playfield and replacing all bulbs and all rubber. 
The Robbie the Robo mod has been added.
Colored balls have been added to the gumball machine.
Custom scorecard is installed.
All 555, 44 and 47 incandescent bulbs have been replaced with LEDs. This not only gives the game a great look, it also 
gives the bonus that the new bulbs should last virtually a lifetime.
The much lower power requirement of the LED bulbs results in the electronic PCBs running cooler.
We have shopped this game be cleaning and polishing the playfield, replacing all rubber and bulbs and
our technician has checked all functions for proper operation.
Coin door keys and backbox keys are included. 

We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return for free replacement or repair.

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