Year: 1992

Manufacturer: Bally

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The Twilight Zone Pinball Machine *

Considered one of the Top 10 greatest pinball machines ever designed, this Twilight Zone is the pinball to own!

This wide body “SuperPin” designed by famed pinball designer Pat Lawlor (Addams Family, FunHouse, Whirlwind, Banzai Run) features a working gumball machine that is used to lock balls and capture the “power ball”. The power ball is a unique ball that is made out of ceramic instead of steel. It weighs less than the regular balls and therefore can do some amazing tricks on the playfield. Being ceramic it also is not affected by the magnets which makes for some terrific play. Can you complete all the door panels within one game and get “Lost in the Zone”?

This beautiful machine was picked up from a local home owner where it has spent the majority of it’s life which goes to show by its amazing condition. This Twilight Zone’s cabinet is original and the exterior decals are not sunfaded like most.

This spectacular machine has been upgraded with the following modifications:

The following customizations have been added to this game: 

  • Illuminated “Look in the future” Camera
  • Full custom high end non-ghosting LED’s installed throughout playfield and backbox
  • New LED clock board installed
  • Gumballs in Gumball Machine
  • New Reinforced Slot Machine Stand Up Target
  • Lock Lock Insert Flasher Kit
  • Illuminated Skill Shot Rocket Ship
  • Piano Mod above Piano scoop shot
  • Custom Instruction and Pricing Card

This game plays great and is very clean. We have just thoroughly shopped this machine. By that we mean that all components have been removed from the top side of the playfield. Playing surface, ramps, plastics and posts have been cleaned and polished. All new rubber rings and steel balls installed. Ceramic “PowerBall” cleaned to a high white shine. All under playfield lamp inserts and assemblies have been cleaned and repaired and or worn out parts replaced as needed.

This Twilight Zone needs absolutely nothing except a corner in your game room where it will be the focal point of entertaining guest within your home.

We warranty the electronic PCB’s for 30 days.

Twilight Zone is one of the most sought after pinball machines of all time. Ranked as the 9th best pinball machine ever made according to the Pinside Top 100 we don’t expect this machine will last long in our inventory. Don’t delay!


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