Year: 1991

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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The Machine: Bride of Pinbot Pinball Machine *

This Williams sci fi classic is the second in the series of three pins that includes Pinbot and Jackbot. Great sounds on this 4 player multiball game.

We have thoroughly reconditioned this game and it looks and plays great!
The cabinet has been masterfully restored. Entire cabinet was sanded smooth and filled of any blemishes and brand new cabinet decals have been installed as well as new side rails, chrome legs, levelers and leg bolts. The cabinet now looks amazing with “ZERO” cabinet decal fade as most Bride of PinBot’s are from sitting anywhere near a window, where the sun’s UV rays of bleached the cabinet decals.  The playfield is protected in factory mylar but does exhibit some wear spots in a few area’s that are not protected by mylar. This wear does not effect gameplay, but should be noted to any perspective buyer. The playfield has been stripped of all components on the top side and thoroughly cleaned, polished and a new set of rubber rings and balls installed. All illumination on this game has been upgraded to premium non-ghosting high quality LED lighting. In addition a Shuttle ramp has been installed the playfield.

This machine has been gone through from top to bottom for proper operation by our technician team. We have installed a brand new LED scoring display unit. These new displays are said to last a life time and replace the often faulty gas filled alpha-numeric displays that are now no longer available.

Bride of Pin-Bot includes our 30 Day warranty on the electronics.

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