Year: 1994

Manufacturer: Bally

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The Addams Family (Special Collectors Edition) Pinball Machine *

“Just What We’ve Been Searching For!”
The most popular pinball machine ever made &  the most collectible version of the Addams Family pinball too! The Addams Family “Special Collectors Edition” Pinball Machine, often referred to as the Addams Family Gold Edition Pinball.

Due to the record breaking sales of The Addams Family Pinball Machine in 1992. Bally brought the machine back into production for a limited run in 1994 as the “The Special Collectors Edition”. Only 1,000 of these were ever produced.

The Special Collectors Edition features:
– Alternative cabinet artwork with gold accents
– Smoked Black Plastic Cloud Topper on Backbox
–  Special Collectors Edition Software
– Brass plated exterior trim (legs, siderails, shooter housing and lock bar)
– Gold colored plastics for the Pop Bumper Caps, Vault and Things box.
– “Extra Ball” Buy-In button added to front of cabinet.
– Brass Collector Plate on Cabinet, This unit is #405

Designed by the great Pat Lawlor!

The backglass features Morticia and Gomez (Angelica Houston and Raul Julia) in front of the house which forms the theme of the game. The aim is to visit all the separate rooms of the house, each of which gives an award of some kind. Visit them all, and you get to “Tour The Mansion”, the mode where you get to play them all again in sequence culminating in multiball.

3 under-playfield electromagnets activate at specific times during gameplay and challenge
even the most experienced player.

This game has been shopped with the playfield cleaned and polished. All rubber and bulbs new. Brand new “cliffy” protector installed under electric chair scoop (not shown in picture). In addition to giving this game a thorough shop out. We have upgraded the machine by replacing all #555 & #44 bulbs to color matched LED’s. This in turn puts less strain on the electronics in the machine as they consume less energy, look brighter and cleaner and will last much longer than standard incandescent bulbs. The results look stunning!

Custom colored instruction and pricing cards installed as well.

Our trained pinball technician with over 20 years experience working on pinball machines has checked all functions for proper operation.

As with all of our used games. This machine includes a 30 days parts warranty.