Year: 2009

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

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Target Toss Pro Arcade Game *

Remember Lawn Darts? We’ll this is the closest game you can play to it with causing bodily injury.
Target Toss Pro is a trackball-based arcade game that’s fun, challenging and as competitive as the real thing.  Target Toss Pro Features two games in one. Play either Bags or Lawn Darts.

It’s a twist on the game, featuring a new scoring strategy that rewards players for making a “swish” instead of a standard “hole shot”.
In addition, wind plays a factor, especially in later rounds of the game.

We have serviced this game and rebuilt the 27″ monitor it looks and plays great.

Currently set to free play. It can be changed to accepting coins or dollar bills very easily within the machines on-screen adjustments menu. Includes working Dollar Bill Acceptor.