Year: 1977

Manufacturer: Bally

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Strikes and Spares Pinball Machine *

Classic 70’s Bally pinball at its best!

Released in 1977, Strikes and Spares is one of Bally’s first electronic pinball machines when they were transitioning from electro-mechanical machines to solid state electronic machines. With that being said the game functions like an electronic game with digital scoring but still as a chime unit for the sound effects.

This game plays and looks great! Original backglass is in remarkable condition with no lifting, peeling or flaking of any kind. The cabinet has been touched up in a few places and looks very nice, but does show some of it’s original patina. Playfield looks nice with no broken or chipped decorative plastics but does have a small amount of wear around some of the lamp inserts which would be expected on game 45 years old. Coindoor and side rails has been polished to a high shine and new Bally emblem decal installed. Brand new leg levelers and leg bolts.

We have thoroughly shopped this game out. All components (posts, plastics, etc) were removed from the top side of the playfield and thoroughly cleaned. The playfield was cleaned and polished and all new rubber rings and bulbs were installed throughout the playfield and backglass area. General Illumination lighting behind the backglass and on the playfield has been upgraded with LED’s to help further protect this aging games backglass….all other lighting is still incandescent bulbs to give it that vintage look.

Electronically this game has been thoroughly gone through. Brand new Ultimate MPU board has been installed to replace the original often prone to battery acid damage MPU. This new MPU board has a memory backup capacitor that will never leak like the original batteries were prone to thus leading to costly MPU board repairs. All other boards have been gone through and original displays have been reflown with fresh solder.

Strikes and Spares works great and needs nothing! She includes a 30 Day warranty on the electronics. Included with Strikes and Spares are locks and keys for the coindoor and backglass.

Great opportunity to own this desirable classic 1970’s Pinball Machine.