Year: 1995

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Stargate Pinball Machine *

Stargate is known to be the best and most exciting of the Gottlieb games. Ra’s image on the mirrored backglass is enhanced with a ring of lights that are inset behind the glass and translite for a great 3D effect. Ra’s Guards stand watch over the Pyramid Temple as you save Sari, Lead the Rebellion, Go into Battle, Get the Power Bracelet, and rack up points in the Sandstorm.

This game is in great condition from the cabinet to the playfield. We have done a few minor touch ups to exterior of the cabinet. Original playfield displays very well and is protected for the most part with factory mylar and only exhibiting a few small areas of wear on the non mylar protected areas such as the left outlane. There are a couple of chipped decorative playfield plastics, but they do not effect gameplay and are only cosmetic. Brand new LED rope light installed around Ra’s image on backbox. Playfield has been thoroughly shopped out by completely disassembling the playfield, cleaning all plastics, ramps and playfield and polishing with Novus #2. All new rubber rings installed as well as new balls, new flipper bats and all of the games illumination has been upgraded with premium, non-ghosting LED’s. The LED lighting upgrade enhances the overall look of the machine, they last longer and it puts less strain on the electronic components of the pinball machine.

This pre-owned pinball machine includes our 30 day warranty on the mechanical and electronic components of the machine.

Stargate is a great opportunity to attain a really fun pinball at an affordable price. 

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