Year: 1992

Manufacturer: Data East

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Star Wars Pinball Machine *

Considered by most pinball aficionados to be the best Star Wars Pinball Machine ever made, the 1992 Data East Star Wars Pinball Machine is the one to own!

Very popular tie-in with the original movie trilogy. Features such as a model of R2-D2 that jumps up and down, speaks and looks from left to right and a rotating Death Star. Shoot the ball into the Death Star for multi-ball and Super Jackpots. Sounds and music sampled from the films, which sound superb in this machine.

We have thoroughly refurbished this machine. Cabinet is in nice condition with some blemishes touched up with color matching paint. Brand new factory New Old Stock Darth Vader topper installed. The playfield is in great conditionĀ and has been thoroughly detailed by our technicians taking all components off the top side of the playfield and cleaning and polishing the playing surface as well as all ramps and plastics and all under playfield assemblies and lamp inserts. Brand new set of rubber rings and balls installed on playfield. All original incandescent #44/#555 light bulbs have been upgraded to color matching LED lights. These LED’s look so much better, last longer and consume less energy which is great for the electronics on this game.

All functions have been checked by a trained pinball tech for proper operation.

We warranty the electronics for 30 days. Simply return any defective item for free replacement or repair. The Data East Star Wars Pinball is becoming harder and harder to find. If you are a Star Wars or Pinball fan…this is the one to own!

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