Year: 2019

Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Inc.

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Star Wars (Home Edition) Pinball Machine *

Next build scheduled for Sept 2020.

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Star Wars “The Pin” (Home Edition) Pinball Machine is a new stylish, affordable and fun pinball machine designed and engineered for the home. Star Wars (Home Edition) immerses players in the dynamic Star Wars galaxy. “The Pin” is packed with features that provide players with an irresistible game experience including select speech and footage from the original Star Wars trilogy, color-changing playfield inserts,
a custom sculpted Death Star, and a custom sculpted and interactive TIE fighter.

The easy to setup, Star Wars (Home Edition) is built to last and engineered with genuine Stern commercial-quality parts. The playfield is housed in a stylish cabinet with dynamic, high definition artwork. The all-LED playfield lighting provides optimal color and brilliant light shows. Star Wars (Home Edition) is designed to provide quality family entertainment and bring pinball fun to homes everywhere.

Complementing the immersive theme and exciting gameplay experience, Stern Pinball’s
powerful SPIKE electronics hardware system enables high-definition graphics and innovative animations on “The Pin’s” high definition LCD score display. The Stern SPIKE board system reduces system complexity and energy usage, resulting in enhanced
reliability and simplified servicing.

Star Wars (Home Edition) Pinball Machine features a full size playfield, just like it’s commercial arcade versions (Pro, Premium and Limited Edition). The playfield uses all commercial grade parts, such as LED lighting, LCD display, and Spike electronics.
Real pinball play is provided with drop targets, metal and wire ramps, control orbit
gates, ball shooter and auto launch, game play modes, 4 different
multiballs, and the popular John Williams Star Wars theme.

Star Wars “The Pin” Home Edition Pinball Machine has a blank access door for easy system adjustments.   No coin op code or wiring is included.  “The Pin” is not for commercial use.  It is an entry level game for the home.

Dimensions: 27″ W x 48″ D x 69″ H
Weight: 220 lbs