Year: 1984

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Space Shuttle Pinball Machine *

One of the most memorable pinball machines of the 80’s, Space Shuttle! Space Shuttle is most recognized for its Space Shuttle on the playfield & cool sound effects with speech. It is considered one of the games that when pinball was fading away during the arcade game boom of the 80’s, Space Shuttle put pinball back on the map, due to to its fun and exciting game play featuring multi-ball.

We have fully serviced and reconditioned this game from top to bottom. Exterior of cabinet has been touched up as needs and all exterior metal has been buffed and polished to a high shine. New leg levelers and leg bolts installed.

Backglass is original and in amazing condition. No lifting or flaking of any kind.

Playfield is for the most part protected with mylar in the heavy traffic areas but does show some surface wear as can be seen in some areas of the playfield as seen in pics. These wear spots do not effect game play but we fill you should know about them. The entire playing surfaces has had all plastics and posts removed and it has been cleaned and polished to a high shine. Brand new rubber rings installed throughout the playfield and all of the games general illumination has been upgraded to LED lighting for long lasting reliability and looks. In addition the Space Shuttle toy has been restored by being repainted and new decals applied. New drop target decals applied to drop targets. 3 new pinballs have been installed in this machine as well.

Our technician has went through the electronics and repaired the power supply board and reflowed solder at the header pins of all connections between the circuit boards in the backbox. Original AA battery pack has been removed and upgraded with a memory backup capacitor that works the same as batteries but will never leak and damage the board as alkaline batteries so often do to these boards. We have installed a brand new set of XPin LED Score Displays.


All in all a great looking, great playing classic 80’s Williams Pinball Machine. Included with this pinball machine is our 30 day warranty on the electronics. Simply return for free replacement or repair.

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