Year: 1996

Manufacturer: Sega Pinball, Inc.

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Space Jam Pinball Machine *

Join superstar basketball player Michael Jordan as he teams up with Bugs Bunny and a host of Loony Tunes friends that are truly out of this world.

We have refurbished this game and it is in terrific condition. This pin has been shopped with the playfield cleaned and waxed. All bulbs and all rubbers have been changed.

Additionally, we have upgraded the standard incandescent lighting throughout the playfield to Super Premium Non-Ghosting color matched LEDs. These in turn look so much better than traditional incandescent bulbs, last longer and consume far less energy.

All functions have been checked and repaired by a trained technician for proper operation.

We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return for free replacement or repair.

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