Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Sorcerer Pinball Machine *

Once the SORCERER is challenged, his special power proves to be a mighty force that must be reckoned with!

Very challenging game play with upper right flipper and various targets, spinners and ramp to shoot for. Game features multi-ball and those classic pinball sounds with speech you remember from back when you were a kid.

For a game of this age, this Sorcerer is in great shape from the cabinet to the playfield as well as the backglass.

Cosmetically we have refurbished this game and the results are stunning. We have fully torn down the playfield on this game and cleaned and polished it to a high shine. New rubber rings and balls were installed as well as we have upgraded all the #44 & #555 bulbs to LED’s. These look much better, last longer and put less strain on the electronic circuitry.

Our technician has went through this game from top to bottom ensuring that every bulb, every switch, every coil and game mechanism works as it should. This game is working 100% and needs absolutely nothing accept a corner in your gameroom and you to take the challenge of beating the High Score.

This game includes a 30 day warranty. If for any reason there is an issue simply call and we will repair or replace whatever is necessary to get the game back up and running for you.