Year: 1965

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Sky-Line Pinball Machine *

Sold to us from a collector that was down sizing this hard to find, highly collectible “wedge-head” electro-mechanical pinball machine, Sky-Line.

Objective to game play in Sky-Line is as follows:
At start of game, all numbers 1 through 12 are lit and the elevator arrow is reset to zero. Hitting a lit number via rollover or via multi-bumper scores the number in both places. Hitting all twelve numbers lights one number randomly for Special (replay). This randomly lit number changes each time a 1-point value is hit. This Special feature stays lit for remainder of game, allowing multiple replays to be won. Hitting an advance when lit steps elevator arrow to next floor. Replays are awarded for reaching higher floors (operator-selectable). This is a fantastic playing game offering the patron multiple ways to win replays.

In addition to the great game play. Sky-Line features two animations within the backglass.
– Elevator Arrow advances up each floor as “Advance When Lit” is hit.
– Elevator Doors open and close throughout game play.

This 1965 classic pinball is in outstanding condition all around. Exterior chrome has been polished to a high shine. New lockbar end caps, replay and flipper buttons installed. Playfield has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. New rubber rings and #47 bulbs installed throughout as well as a new set of 5 pinballs. In addition to the cosmetic restoration we have done to this game our technician that specializes in electro-mechanical pinball machines has went through this game from top to bottom bulletproofing, cleaning and adjusting all aspects of this game in an effort to give you a fun and reliable pinball machine for years to come.

As with all of our pre-owned pinball machines. Sky-Line includes a 30 day parts/labor warranty from date of purchase.

Rare opportunity to own this very collectible, great looking pinball machine from the 1960’s. The new owner will be very happy with this game!