Price: $4499

Year: 2020

Manufacturer: Baytek

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Skee-ball 9′ Home Arcade Premium (Coal)

Keep the good times rollin’!

MSRP $4899

Designed for the arcade enthusiast, game fanatic, and kid in all of us, this Premium ally brings the authentic arcade features you know and love right to your home. It’s beautifully handcrafted in the heart of the Midwest by BayTek where quality, fine details and authenticity combine to create you a masterpiece you’ll be proud to show off!

– Arcade-style balls, rubber targets, and cork ramp
– Available in 3 different colored cork ramp finishes:
 • Scarlet 
 • Indigo / Blue 
 • Coal / Dark Grey (as shown)
– Comes with FIVE x  2 3/4″ heavy woodgrain balls
– Comes partially assembled, just connect the head to the ramp
– Colorful pixel display with exciting visuals
– Official Skee-Ball sounds
– Multiple game modes that allow1-6 players
– Lit target area
– Color changing under-glow

– CLASSIC: Each player rolls 9 balls up to the ramp into the targets, highest score wins.
– THREE-BALL: A twist of Classic, each player rolls 3 frames of 3 balls each, high score wins.
– SPEED: Players roll balls as fast as they can for 30 seconds, high score wins.
– COUNTDOWN: Players roll 3 balls at a time to countdown from 310 to exactly zero. First player to zero wins. NOTE: If you bust, your turn is over for that round.
– LIGHT’EM UP: Players roll 3 balls at a time, aiming to high each target once. The goal is to hit each target with the least amount of balls. NOTE: you only need to hit one of the ‘hundo’ targets.
– BLACKJACK: Each player is dealt a random card. Roll one ball at a time to reach exactly twenty-one. Don’t bust or your game is over. Game ends after completing the round in which any player scores twenty-one.
• 10 Target = Ace, 11 points after first time, 1 point each time after
• 20 Target = 2 Points
• 30 Target = 3 Points
• 40 Target = 4 Points
• 50 Target = 5 Points
• 100 Targets = 10 Points

Dimensions & Weight:
24″W x 103″L x 65″H
175 Lbs.