Year: 1980

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Roller Disco Pinball Machine *

Great, classic pinball fun! 

This beautiful classic pinball by Gottlieb will make a great addition to any game room. Roller Disco is a very entertaining widebody pinball machine with iconic artwork that really captivates the era this game was produced in. Roller Disco features 2 drop target banks, 4 flippers, 3 pop bumpers and several stand up targets.

Roller Disco is in remarkable condition, considering it is over 40 years old. There is no very little wear on the playfield. One decorative plastic above the right drop target bank is chipped on the corner. The backglass does have some light flaking primarily in the orange tones, but still presents very well.

Our technician has went through this game and moved the battery pack remotely off the board to prevent possible corrosion damage. All recommended ground modifications have been done in the backbox. Roller Disco has a new Power Supply as well as a new wiring harness between the CPU and Driver Board and between Power Supply & CPU, which are typically a fail points of this game. All lamps and switches and assemblies have been cleaned and adjusted for proper operation.

In addition to the electronic work done to the game, Roller Disco has just completed our cosmetic refurbishment. Exterior cabinet has had some light touchups we have done in addition the cabinet legs have been buffed and polished. New leg levelers and leg bolts have been installed. All components have been removed from the top side of the playfield and cleaned. The entire playfield has been cleaned and polished and new rubber rings and ball have been installed. All of the games illumination has been upgraded to premium non-ghosting LED’s which look great!

Roller Disco needs nothing else besides a corner in your home gameroom where it will become the focal point of entertainment for family and friends.

Roller Disco includes our 30 day warranty covering the mechanical and electronic components of the game.