Year: 1986

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Raven Pinball Machine *

Save thousands over new with this affordable, fun 80’s pinball!

Raven had a total run of approximately 3550 games in 1986.  Themed after Rambo (but lacking the license) this fun 80’s pinball features 4 pop bumpers, a ramp on the left that raises and lowers, 3 banks of stand up targets, a spinner, an animated Helicopter with rotating blade, rollovers and several Pop Up “Sniper” Drop Targets along with classic 80’s digital pinball audio.

This game has just went through our thorough refurbishment process. The cabinet is in nice condition with some minor scuffs and blemishes have been touched up to the best of our ability. We have thoroughly shopped out the playfield by removing everything off the top side of the playfield and thoroughly cleaning and polishing the playing surface. Brand new rubber rings and pinball. Side rails, legs and leg bolts have been repainted and new leg levelers installed. All of the games illumination has been upgraded with premium non-ghosting LED lights.

This machine has been checked out by our technician team and works great!

Raven includes our 30 day warranty on the mechanical and electronic parts of the game.