Year: 1994

Manufacturer: Williams/Bally

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Popeye Saves the Earth Pinball Machine *

We’ll blow me down!

Created by famed Pinball Designer Barry Oursler known for such memorable games as Cyclone, Pin-Bot, Fire, Gorgar, Space Shuttle comes this zany 90’s Bally Pinball family friendly game based off the famous cartoon Sailor, Popeye. This pinball features a multi-level playfield, 4 flippers, 3 Pop Bumpers, ramps, mutli-ball sequences and various modes of play. Great family fun! 

From the deck of Popeye’s Ark things look pretty grim. Bluto’s Companies – Earth Paving Co., Blutonium Waste, Nevergreen Logging and Spillco Oil – are wreaking havoc on the environment and endangering five species of wildlife. Olive has been kidnapped and Swee’ Pea is lost in a maze of corridors.

To save the day Popeye must undo the damage of Bluto’s companies in four exciting dot-mation missions; rescue the rhinoceros, zebra, panda, leopard, eagle and dolphin from extinction; battle the Sea Hag; help Swee’ Pea out of the maze and compete in 2, 3, and 4-ball multiball sequences. Only then can he release Olive in a hectic 6-ball multiball finale.

We acquired this game from a home owner that purchased it many years back. We’re sure it spent a short time commercially earning revenue early in its life before residing in private home ownership. With its reach vibrant cabinet colors, this is truly one of the nicest original Popeye Saves The Earth pinball machines we have laid our eyes on. These are almost impossible to find without some level of sun fading on the cabinet due to the game being placed near a window. This game we are offering here has almost no fade besides a small amount on the left side of the cabinet near the Koala Bear. The playfield is in outstanding condition showing no wear. Once again a great looking game that is now 30 YEARS OLD!

If you don’t understand what we mean by cabinet fade. Look at this picture we found online and see how faded this cabinet is. Notice how the suns UV rays have completely bleached out the red colors of the word POPEYE under the coindoor. Ours we are offering here looks nothing like this!

Since taking into our possession we have done a few minor cabinet touch ups in the black areas, nothing very significant, just trying to make the game look the best it can be. Popeye Saves The Earth has just been thoroughly shopped out on the playfield. By that we mean we have removed all components (ramps, plastics, posts and assemblies) from the top side of the playfield and thoroughly cleaned and polished the playing surface. All new rubber rings and balls installed. We have upgraded all lighting in this game to high quality, premium non-ghosting LED’s. These LED’s look better, last longer and they consume less energy which puts less strain on the electronics of the pinball machine. All underside assemblies and lamp inserts have been cleaned, checked, adjusted or repaired for proper operation.

This pre-owned game includes our 30 day warranty covering the mechanical and electronic components of the machine.