Year: 1989

Manufacturer: Data East

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Playboy 35th Anniversary Pinball Machine *

PLAYBOY, the most popular men’s magazine in history is showcased in this classic Playboy 35th Anniversary pinball. Steeped in PLAYBOY’s rich tradition, the PLAYBOY pinball machine brings you the world’s most beautiful women in a glamorous lifestyle that only can be called PLAYBOY.

Playboy 35th Anniversary Pinball features the ability for up to 4 players to compete at a time, pop bumpers, multi-ball pinball action, drop targets,  ramps and digital stereo sound, Playboy 35th Anniversary Edition Pinball has it all!

This immaculate pinball machine came from a home owner where it sat unattended for many years and it goes to show from its pristine condition. Personally we have never seen a Playboy 35th Anniversary Pinball that looks this nice. Although we can not confirm this game to be home use only, it shows all the characteristics of a game that has never seen anytime in a commercial/public environment.

Since acquired this machine we have installed a brand new CPU board as the original board suffered from battery acid damage beyond repair due to the memory AA Batteries never being replaced. We have also installed a brand new LED score display system. In addition to fully going through the electronics we have thoroughly shopped this pinball machine out. By that we mean that we have removed all components from the top side of the playfield and cleaned and polished the playing surface as well as all of the ramps and decorative playfield plastics. All underside lamp inserts and assemblies were cleaned as well as new steel pinballs installed and all new rubber rings were installed throughout the playfield. All #44 & #555 lamps have been upgraded to premium high quality color matched LED’s. These LED’s look amazing, last longer and consume far less energy than the original incandescent bulbs.


All functions have been tested for proper operation by our technician staff.

As with all of our pre-owned games, we offer a 30 day warranty on the electronics of this pinball machine.

This is truly a rare opportunity to own one of the best looking examples of this title we have ever came across. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer looking example of this title.