Year: 1995

Manufacturer: Capcom Coin-Op, Inc.

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Pinball Magic Pinball Machine *

A hard to find Capcom pin (only 1200 produced) with great features, such as a hand holding a magic wand pointing down the playfield which the ball ‘magically’ rides underneath. There is also a stage which either pops the ball back into play or
when lit, appears to levitate it up and on to the ramp return.

A highly entertaining pin for the whole family.

We acquired this game from a local homeowner who has had this game in her personal residence for years.

The playfield and cabinet are in excellent condition.

Everything is working. All functions have been checked for proper operation.

The playfield has been cleaned and polished and all rubbers and all bulbs have been replaced.

We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return for free replacement or repair.

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