Year: 1977

Manufacturer: Bally

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Night Rider Pinball Machine

This hard to find classic pinball is from Bally with a trucker theme. This is one of Bally’s first solid-state electronic pinball machines. So while it has digital scoring and electronics, it still has the older charm of a chime unit for sound effects like electro-mechanical pinball machines of prior years. Night Rider is a great shooters pinball with two spinners, two drop target banks, a saucer hole and 3 pop bumpers.

This game is in good condition from the cabinet to the playfield. Original backglass is about flawless and looks amazing. Playfield shows some minor wear around some of the lamp inserts, but still presents very well.

Night Rider has just been thoroughly shopped out. By this we mean that we have removed every component from the top side of the playfield. All plastics, posts and the playing surface has been cleaned and polished. Brand new rubber rings installed throughout the playfield. All general illumination bulbs on the playfield and backbox have been upgraded LED’s. New ball installed as well and all exterior metal has been polished to a high shine. All three pop bumper assemblies have been rebuilt with new pop bumper bodies, skirts and pop bumper caps.

We have just completely went through this games electronics rebuilding connectors and reflowing solder points on the electronics for long term reliability. Original NiCad battery has been removed from the MPU board and a memory back up capacitor has been added for High Score retention. No more leaky battery!

As with all of our solid state pinball machines, Night Rider includes our 30 day warranty on the electronics.

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