Manufacturer: Namco Bandai/Chicago Gaming Co.

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Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga – Class of 81′ Reunion Arcade Game *


This pre-owned arcade game we purchased back from it’s original owner. This game is in outstanding condition and is working 100% and needs absolutely nothing.

This pre-owned game includes our 30 day warranty covering the mechanical and electronic components of the machine.

The 20th Anniversary Reunion Edition of Ms. PacMan, Galaga & Pac Man licensed by Namco Bandai the original manufacturer and produced by Chicago Gaming Co. It is exactly identical to the original 80’s versions, but in this new arcade game edition, included are special selectable game features such as “Regular” or “Speedy” Ms. Pac-Man and “Original” or “Rapid Fire” Galaga. Includes new “Buy-In Continuation Mode”, so play can be continued forever by just pressing a button!

This is a full size, licensed, commercial arcade game..NOT one of those cheap Arcade1Up arcade games you find at WalMart that you have to assemble and only 3′ feet tall. This is the real deal!

Comes with SIX Classic 80’s Video Games in All !
Play Ms. Pacman, Galaga & Pac-Man along with Speedy
Ms. Pacman, Rapid Fire Galaga & Speedy Pac Man !!!

You can play the original Pac-Man games on this unit by simply invoking a secret joystick maneuver to unlock it !

Relive your past and introduce the younger ones to the classic 1980’s games Ms Pac Man & Pac-Man! Players gobble their way through the classic Pac Man mazes while trying to dodge the ghosts (Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Sue) so players can swoon and fall in the arms of their one true love, Ms Pac-Man! And with the other classic 80’s hit that comes with this game, Galaga, players try to blast the evil hordes of insect-like Galaga fighters coming at them on the screen, while avoiding capture!

  • 25″ Flat Screen LCD Monitor
  • Saves High Scores even once turned off!  Unlike the originals.
  • Designed for the Home Market or commercial locations where the game does not take in revenue, this machine can only be played on FREE PLAY, coin play is not possible.