Year: 2008

Manufacturer: Merit Industries, Inc.

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Megatouch ION 2008 Touchscreen Game *

Flatscreen LCD game featuring a joystick that works well with some of the action games. The ION Megatouch by Merit Industries were the most well respected and well known touchscreen games on counter tops of bars throughout the US. Unfortunately the ability to now play games on your smart phone led to the demise of the touchscreen bar top manufacturing industry and these are no longer available new. This game is still loads of fun and is a great game for home or commercial use. This Megatouch ION comes with a Quarter Coin Mechanism and a Bill Acceptor, but it can also be set on “Free Play” for home use. Over 100 games installed in categories such as Puzzles, Strategy, Cards, Quiz etc. Favorite games like QuikMatch, Photo Hunt and the ever popular Luxor are included. Optional Kids Club and Erotic Games Categories can be turned on/off in the adjustments menu.

This game is working 100% but does have some scuffs and scratches on the exterior cabinet from being used commercially. Currently running on 2008 software.

This pre-owned game includes our 30 day warranty