Year: 1966

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Mayfair Pinball Machine *

Classic 2 Player Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machine based on the broadway musical “My Fair Lady”

Usually multi-player electro-mechanical games are lacking in game play features as the machines have twice as many assemblies to keep up with scoring for two players. Not the case here! Mayfair is a full featured game loaded with fun! 3 Pop Bumpers, Swinging Target, Kick back lanes and two ways to score bonus make Mayfair a challenging blast to play!

Mayfair is in great shape for a game over 50 years old! We acquired this machine from a long time pinball collector and fully refurbished it once in our possession.

Original backglass is in great shape but does have a small amount of paint loss in the title on the glass and a couple small spots between the score reels. Cabinet has been expertly touched up with color matching paint w/factory webbing …and looks amazing now. We have installed brand new legs, leg levelers and leg bolts and all other exterior metal on Mayfair has been buffed to a high shine. Brand new anodized red replay and flipper buttons also installed.

Original playfield is in outstanding condition. We have fully shopped out the playfield by removing all components from the top of the playfield and polishing and cleaning the entire playing surface and all decorative playfield plastics. Brand new pop bumper caps and flipper bats installed along with a fresh set of rubber rings, bulbs and steel pinball.

After the cosmetic restoration, our lead electro-mechanical technician went through Mayfair from top to bottom ensuring that every switch, lamp, solenoid coil and scoring assembly works as it should. Mayfair needs nothing other than a corner in your home gameroom and the challenge of trying to beat the high score!

Nice games like this, of this age don’t come around often. With that being said, we challenge you to find a nicer Mayfair as this is the one to own.

PLEASE NOTE: Mayfair works great! We encourage any prospective buyer to please visit our store and see and play this game in person. However often times, electro-mechanical machines need to be adjusted after transport due to their age and nature. With that being said no warranty is offered with this machine.