Year: 1964

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Majorettes Pinball Machine *

Majorettes is a classic Gottlieb pinball designed by famed pinball designer Wayne Neyens with recognizable Roy Parker artwork.

With only 425 units ever produced, Majorettes is considered one of the best and most collectible electro-mechanical wedge head pinballs from the era for its addictive and challenging game play as well as low game production.

This electro-mechanical pin features 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 4 passive bumpers, 1 standup target and 2 kick out holes.  Game rules is as follows: Scoring A-B-C-D lanes in any sequence awards 1 added ball and resets the lanes to allow this again. Hitting the numbered red bumpers in sequence 1 to 5 lights the red rollover for 1 added ball. Hitting the numbered yellow bumpers in sequence 1 to 5 lights the yellow rollover for 1 added ball. Completing a sequence resets the sequence to allow this again. Both kick-out holes eject the ball upwardly. The lower kick-out hole has a metal pin guarding each side of it, making it difficult or impossible to land a ball into it from certain directions.

This is considered an Add-A-Ball pinball machine.
Law enforcement at the time believed that pinball machines could be viewed as a gambling device by awarding replays (free games). Thus pinball manufactures came out with Add-A-Ball versions of pinballs such as Majorettes, to where the player is awarded additional balls to play…as opposed to free games.

Beautifully refurbished by our in house team we have went through this game top to bottom. Playfield was torn down of all components on the top side and thoroughly cleaned and polished. All pop bumpers and passive bumpers have been rebuilt with new bumper bodies, skirts and caps. A fresh set of rubber rings was installed as well as new ball and bulbs upgraded to #47 bulbs. Cabinet blemishes were touched up with color matching paint as needed and exterior metal was polished. Brand new set of anodized flipper buttons installed as well as new legs, leg bolts and leg levelers. We have also installed a brand new set of chrome lock bar end caps.

Please note the backglass on this machine is original and does show its age with some flaking in the skin tones of the women. Although the backglass still presents well, if you would like we can replace the backglass with a brand new silk screened reproduction backglass for an additional $350.

This game has been overhauled by one of our electro-mechanical experts and it plays great!

As with all of our games it includes a 30 day parts/labor warranty.