Year: 1978

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Lost World Pinball Machine *


Lost World is a great classic early electronic pinball machine with digital scoring and electronic sound effects. Players compete trying to hit the various targets, scoops and captive ball to earn a big end of ball bonus. Up to 4 can play at a time. It’s more fun to compete!

This Lost World has just went through our refurbishment process and is the perfect pinball on a budget. This is a players game, meaning that it’s not in the greatest cosmetic condition but plays great! Cabinet is in great physical condition and we have done a few minor touch ups with color matched paint as need. All exterior stainless steel has been buffed and polished and new “Bally” logo foil decal installed on coindoor. Brand new factory “metallic gun metal great” legs installed along with new leg levelers and leg bolts installed.

The backglass although presentable does have some significant artwork lifting along the bottom portion of backglass. Want a perfect backglass? We can get a brand new silkscreened reproduction backglass for $400.

Lost World’s playing surfaces is original and does show some wear as you’d come to expect for a game over 40 years old. It has been fully shopped out. By that we mean we have removed all the components removed from the top side and all plastic posts and the playing surface has been cleaned and polished. All new rubber rings, bulbs and ball installed. All under lamp inserts have been cleaned as well. We have installed a brand new Altek Ultimate MPU Board in this machine for long term reliability. No more leaky NiCad Battery that typically damage the original MPU board in these games. The Ultimate MPU has a memory backup capacitor that will never leak!

All functions are working 100% and have been checked by our lead pinball technician. As with all of our pre-owned games. Lost World includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics.

A great game at an affordable price in today’s crazy pinball market!