Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

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LoonyTIX Arcade Redemption Game *

LoonyTIX is a colorful, fast-paced action game designed for all ages. Players are initially greeted by Grabbit, an energetic, cartoony rabbit who acts as host and helps players learn the game. When play begins, the screen fills with colorful tickets flying randomly around the screen. Players are encouraged to tap the screen and “grab” as many tickets as possible before time runs out. The more tickets you touch, the more tickets you win!

To add to the excitement, obstacles like Piney the Porcupine can slow your progress, while numerous power-ups add to your score. Special tickets light up the LoonyTIX marquee, where you can win the big bonus jackpot! When the frantic fun finally ends, Grabbit tallies the player’s score and converts it to the number of tickets won. While the tickets are dispensing, Grabbit encourages the player to give the game another try.

Game software will offer a variety of operator adjustable settings, making it a perfect fit for any ticket location. Settings for tickets awarded, game time, jackpot amounts and hit frequencies can all be tweaked to achieve optimal performance. Comprehensive audits screens are available, in addition to hard meters, for a complete picture on collections and income.

The new videmption game cabinet, dubbed the IMPACT, is being designed with an emphasis on player approachability and easy maintenance. A sturdy 46” HDTV with a 10-point touchscreen will be hard to miss on the FEC floor, and can be adjusted to any height to accommodate appropriate age players. Cabinet components, including hardware and speakers, are located in a modular, fully configurable housing just below the TV, making it easy for younger players to insert tokens, bills or swipe cards, as well as collect tickets. When the locked vault is open, all components are easily accessible for collections and service. An attractive, sturdy base and colorful oversized marquee round out the package for maximum impact.

– Fast Paced Fun for All Ages
– Touch the Screen to Grab the Tickets
– The More you Grab the More you WIN
– Collect Powerups and Avoid Obstacles
– Spell LoonyTIX to win the BIG BONUS
– Operator-Adjustable Software Settings
– New IMPACT Modular Cabinet
– Durable 10-Point Hi-Def Touch Screen
– Modular Components for Easy Access
– Adjustable Height
– Small Footprint
– Future Conversion Kits Planned
– Can be set to Coin Play or Free Play

Includes locks and keys for coindoor, owners manual, 2 x .25¢ coin mechs and ticket dispensing unit.

LoonyTIX was recently traded into us and works great! This late model game would be a great addition to any Family Entertainment Center where redemption ticket games are present.

LooneyTIX includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics.