Year: 1992

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Lethal Weapon 3 Pinball Machine by Data East

Features the finest graphics and speech of Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Joe Pesci.

Captures all the excitement of the movie, with dazzling movie stunts, special effects, multiple ball play and double and
quadruple jackpots for high scoring.

Great ZZ Top and C & C Music Factory music.

The game is in very good condition with a nice playfield.

This game has been shopped with worn rubber and burnt bulbs replaced and the playfield polished.

Additionally, we have upgraded the lighting to LED.  All #555 and #47 incandescent bulbs have been changed to LEDs. 

This change looks great plus it offers the benefits of much longer bulb life and reduced power load on the game PCBs.

It plays great with all functions working and checked by our pinball technician.

We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return them to us for free replacement or repair.

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