Price: $7595 - $8195

Year: 2022

Manufacturer: American Pinball, Inc.

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Legends of Valhalla Pinball Machine

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Legends of Valhalla, designed by Riot Pinball, is the 4th American Pinball title. Legends of Valhalla is an immersive pinball machine which brings the player into the world of the Norse gods and other Viking mythology. The game is a standard body design, utilizing three flippers offering a variety of fast and unique shots, including 3 metal ramps. The game rules have a variety of objectives that the player must either start or complete as they work their way through the game attempting to not only reach the wizard mode Valhalla, the majestic hall of dead Vikings, but also advance to the final epic battle known as Ragnarok, the super wizard mode.

Legends of Valhalla has 16 intricate modes programmed in the form of Viking legends for players to explore along with many multiballs and several mini features that are unlocked during specific actions while playing the game.

The game also exhibits a couple of fun playfield features such as the Kraken, which grabs the ball via a hidden magnet mounted underneath the playfield and flings it around in chaos. Also featured is a Viking ship where the player builds their army by locking balls inside to begin multiball play. Additionally, Thor’s hammer, which is mounted on the back panel and activated by a 3rd flipper button, comes crashing down onto the ball which is held by a magnet just over the top lanes, simulating a dramatic lightning strike, adding to the gameplay experience.

Legends of Valhalla Classic & Deluxe Edition


  • 3 Flippers
  • 6 Balls
  • 3 Metal Ramps with Wireform returns
  • Interactive Thor’s Hammer
  • 1 Hidden Kraken Magnet
  • 1 Thor’s Hammer Magnet above top lanes
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Berzerker Controllable Drop Target
  • 7 Stand-Up Targets
  • Over 100 RGB lights
  • 2 Spotlights
  • 12 Flashers
  • 500 Professional Callouts
  • Epic Soundtrack featuring 23 licensed music tracks from Two Steps from Hell


  • 16 Legend Battle modes (5 are multiball)
  • 6 other modes (3 are multiball)
  • Valhalla Wizard Mode
  • Ragnarok Super Wizard Mode


  • 275lbs unboxed
  • 75″H x 29″W x 55″D


  • Legends of Valhalla Pinball (Classic Edition) – $7595
  • Legends of Valhalla Pinball (Deluxe Edition) – $8195
    (Includes Interior Side Art, Apron Light Bar, Shaker, Knocker & Magic Glass)
    + All prices quoted above include a mandatory manufacturers $199 Semi-Conductor Surcharge

Optional Upgrades:

– American Pinball – Magic Glass – $295
Price includes shipping to your door. This new innovative custom anti-reflection glass that offers a scratch resistant finish in addition to superior clarity.
You’ve got to see it to believe it! You’ll be asking yourself…Is there glass on this game?

– Knocker Kit – $50.00
Since the beginning of time, pinball  machines have included a knocker coil that “knocks” loud to let everyone in the room know when replays, specials, matches and high scores are achieved. Add a Knocker Kit to your game for that classic pinball sound!

– Apron Light Bar – $69.95
Illuminate the bottom of your playfield better with an Apron Light Bar that shines light on the lower portion of the playfield for better vision of the flippers when your game is in a darker environment.

– Shaker Motor – $99.95
Make your game rumble with a shaker motor!  These factory motors are programmed specifically to interact with player in certain modes of the game to make your game rumble and come to life! Adds a whole new level of game play.

– Interior Cabinet Art Set – $99.00


  • 30 Day Labor Warranty from FUN! & 90 Day Mechanical & Electronics Warranty from American Pinball, 1 Year Warranty on Backbox LCD Monitor