Year: 1993

Manufacturer: Data East

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Last Action Hero Pinball Machine *

Last Action Hero is a based off the hit movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Last Action Hero features several different modes of play, and includes a shaker motor, an auto plunger, two captive balls and a crane toy that can pick up the ball and deliver it to another part of the playfield. The game also include three magnets under the playfield similar to The Addams Family.


This game was recently purchased from a local home owner where it spent the majority of its life, not taking the abuse of being operated commercially in an arcade, bar or family entertainment center, which can be seen by the games amazing physical condition.

Since taking into our possession we have thoroughly shopped this game out. By that meaning our detailing team has performed a few minor touch-ups to the exterior of the cabinet. All components were removed from the top side of the playfield; consisting of all ramps, crane assembly, posts and plastics. Ramps, plastics, and posts have been cleaned as well as the entire playing surface has been cleaned and polished. All new rubber rings installed as well as new balls.  On the underside of the playfield all components and lamp inserts have been cleaned and assemblies have been checked out and repaired for proper operation. Finally we upgrade the game with premium, high quality, non-ghosting LED lighting throughout the machine. These new LED’s give the game a bright, clean look, last longer than incandescent bulbs, and pull less amperage which is great for older pinball machines.

Last Action Hero includes our 30 day warranty on the electronics.