Year: 1973

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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King Pin Pinball Machine *

King Pin is a classic Gottlieb pinball and it is one of the best of the wedge head era. The theme is bowling and the play is pure classic pinball. This electro-mechanical pin features 4 flippers, 2 pop bumpers,10 drop targets, kick outs and stand up targets… all of the things vintage pinballs are known for.

This game was just recently fully refurbished by our technicians and detail team and it looks and plays great! Original backglass is very nice with only a few small blemishes near the score reel area. Playfield exhibits a small amount of wear that you would come to expect from a game of this age. We have fully shopped out the playfield by removing all components from the top side. We then cleaned and polished the playing surface and all plastics and posts. Brand new rubber rings, bulbs and ball installed. Brand new pop bumper caps, pop bumper bodies and new adhesive mylar protector rings under the pop bumpers to prevent playfield wear.

The cabinet has been fully reconditioned with brand new brushed chrome entry plate, coin door with new replay button, new rods and new brushed chrome strike plate. New shooter rod and housing. New chrome pinball legs, levelers and leg bolts. Cabinet has been faithfully touched up as needed and the results look stunning!

King Pin has been fully gone over by our lead electro-mechanical technician and it plays like a champ. King Pin needs nothing except a corner in your home gameroom or man cave so it can become the focal point of the room.

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