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Manufacturer: Bandai/Namco

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Jukebox Bowl-A-Rama

Taking pre-orders now with a $500 Deposit!
Shipping Summer 2023! 

Bowl-O-Rama is back and in a special package for home game rooms and mancaves with Bandai Namco’s Jukebox Bowl-O-Rama.

Hearkening back to Namco’s 2005 bowling arcade game, this new edition of their 1950s themed bowling game has been specially redesigned for homes. It sports a new cabinet design that maintains the 1950s retro aesthetic while offering three ways to entertain:

  • Dance! By connecting a phone or other Bluetooth device to the Wireless Party Speaker
  • Play! Rockin’ Bowl-O-Rama, the classic arcade bowling game
  • Sing! Karaoke-style with the wireless microphone

With a strong focus on music, this game comes with a powerful sound system, including 5 1/4″ stereo speakers and a 12″ subwoofer. Users can also independently control the volume using the dial on the front, where a USB port is also placed for connecting devices. Where this also includes cupholders, it will be the center piece of any party!

The game itself comes with five modes to play, which will keep you and your guests entertained for hours: Regulation Ten pin Bowling, Ten Pin Poker, Flash-O-Matic, Trick Shot, Bowl 21, and Slow-Motion Instant Replays. Throw, roll, and spin the bowling balls using a trackball controller, where you can also use it to choose from a variety of ball styles and weights. Thanks to enhanced real-world physics, this will feel like having a bowling alley in your home, without taking up all that space!

– A revamped sequel of Rockin’ Bowl-O-Rama
– New game cabinet with a retro’s 50 jukebox look
– Commercial-grade quality! Built in the same factory and with the same parts as Namco’s commercial coin-op products
– 3D graphics are displayed on a 32″ flat screen monitor
– Easy-to-use trackball control
– Five different bowling game modes to chose from; supports up to 4 players

  • Regulation Ten pin Bowling,
  • Ten Pin Poker
  • Flash-O-Matic
  • Trick Shot
  • Bowl 21

– Thirty rockin’ songs from the 1950s are pumped through the high quality speakers under the monitor
– 2.1ch sound system w/ independent volume control
– NEW Wireless Bluetooth speaker function – turn your game into your own jukebox!
– NEW Wireless microphone connectivity – You can also use it as a karaoke machine!
– NOTE: FREE PLAY ONLY! NON-COIN/CARD USE ONLY!! This does not support a payment system of any kind and is only made for non-commercial use.


Installed Dimensions 28.5″W x 31″D x 64″H
Height 64″
Weight 360 lbs