Year: 1993

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Judge Dredd Pinball Machine *

Judge Dredd is based on the famous European comic strip by the same name.
Lots of flipper action and ramps. Also this game has “Super Game”, a feature that starts the game with multi-ball right from the first ball! There is a rotating “Deadworld”, and a magnetic crane that moves and picks up the ball from the “Deadworld”.

Judge Dredd is a “SUPERPIN” game. These games have a bigger, wider playfield than a normal pinball. Williams/Bally packed
even more fun stuff on the playfield, because of the additional space available.

Acquired from a local homeowner, this game is in very good condition with a very nice playfield.

Everything is working. All functions have been checked for proper operation.

The playfield has been cleaned and polished and all rubbers have been replaced.
Additionally all 555, 44 and 47 incandescent bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs. This not only gives the game a great look,

it also gives the bonus that the new lights should last virtually a lifetime.

We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return for free replacement or repair.

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