Year: 1978

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Joker Poker Pinball Machine – Restored! *

One of the holy grail pinball machines from the late 70’s Gottlieb’s Joker Poker!

This solid state Gottlieb System 1 Game is one of the most popular and iconic card themed pinball machines of the late 70’s. With 5 drop target banks, pop bumpers and those chimes you remember from playing pinball back in the day.

This machine has went through a complete restoration.

Restoration includes:

  • Cabinet sanded down, blemishes filled and made smooth. Entire cabinet repainted with stencils with factory correct black speckles on top of white base coat.
  • Original playfield with minimal wear has been cleaned and polished. New rubber rings and balls installed. New adhesive pop bumper rings installed
  • All game illumination upgraded with premium LED’s.
  • Brand new CPR Silkscreen Backglass
  • Brand new Plastic Set
  • Brand new Pop Bumper Caps & Lane Guides
  • Restored apron with new instruction and replay cards
  • Brand new Legs, levelers and leg bolts
  • All exterior metal cleaned and polished, new coin door decal installed
  • Electronics upgraded to Pascal Janin System 1 MPU Board
  • New power supply & MPU to Driver Board Connectors and several other connectors rebuilt/re-pinned.

This game looks amazing and plays great! Rare opportunity to own this desirable pin in this kind of condition.

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Includes 30 day parts and service warranty. Simple call us if you have an issue and we will assist.