Price: $5795

Year: 2023

Manufacturer: Retro Arcade/Taito

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Ice Cold Beer Arcade Game

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Where the past meets the future. Retro Arcade is committed to preserve the glory days of the coin operated arcade machine through innovation and technology.

Ice Cold Beer Arcade – Remake Flyer

Ice Cold Beer is a mechanical arcade game originally released by Taito in 1983. The game is in a similar cabinet to an arcade video game but there is a vertical wooden playfield dotted with holes. Two joysticks on the control panel control the height of the two ends of a metal bar that moves up and down the playfield, with a ball bearing rolling back and forth on the bar.

The objective of the game is to use the two joysticks to tip the bar back and forth and maneuver the ball up to a specific lit hole on the playfield, while avoiding unlit holes. When the player deposits the ball in the lit hole, the ball and the bar return to the bottom of the playfield, and the next target hole is lit. The game begins with the bottom-most hole lit, and subsequent lit holes become more and more difficult to reach while avoiding unlit holes. Ice Cold Beer is easy to understand …but hard to master!

– Brand new cabinet and components will look and play just like original
– Assembled in the USA
– Completely redesigned operating system using modern technology
– Brilliant Silkscreened glass art
– Screw drives with powerful stepper motors replacing original fault drive belts
– Sensors on many holes to allow for expanded game plan
– Redesigned from the ground up with technician input for ease of maintenance & repair
– Coin Operated & Bill Acceptor Ready
– Small floor space footprint
– Original leaf switch joystick controllers
– Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity
– Fully licensed by original manufacturer Taito

– 30 Days Labor from FUN + 6 Months for Motors and Main Board, 90 Days for all other components.