Year: 1981

Manufacturer: Williams

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Hyperball Pinball Machine *

Hyperball is neither an arcade game or pinball. Although housed in a pinball cabinet, Hyperball is a unique game developed by Williams in the early 80’s that now has a cult following as they are becoming hard to find…especially in working order like this one.

The object of the game is to shoot targets with the ‘Hypercannon’ (a center mounted gun solenoid turret, that rapidly fires .75 diameter steel balls ) and avoid losing your ‘Energy Centres’ (of which you have 3 in the default setting). You also have a ‘Z Bomb’ (a Defender type smart bomb) button on top of the machine which destroys all of the ‘Lightning Bolts’ as they “walk” around the playfield.

You also have the option of spelling words as the display indicates and this rewards you with huge amounts of points (if you spell it in the right order).

Each time you complete a wave you move onto a more difficult level which means the lightning bolts attack you faster and move aggressively.

On waves 5, 10, 15 and so on, you have ‘Reflex Waves’ which involve shooting the lightning bolts in a pre-defined timespan (typically 2-3 seconds) this awards you with a 50,000 bonus if you complete these waves (its hard). If you don’t complete these waves a”YOU MISSED” is displayed.

This game comes to us from a home owner where it spent most of it’s life and it goes to show from it’s amazing cosmetic condition. Hyperball has been fully checked out by our lead technician and it works great and needs nothing.

As with all of our pre-owned games, Hyperball includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics. Simply contact us with an issue and we will repair or replace at no charge to you.